I design products for the web.
Currently, I am the Creative Director at a UX design agency
called Pixels for Humans.

@oneill_jim on Twitter  |  LinkedIn profile


To respect my clients’ confidentiality, my portfolio is not publicly available. 
Work samples are available on request.


I have been designing on the web for 10+ years.
Here are some things I can do for you:

UX Consulting

I’ve helped many companies clarify their business objectives and their design direction, even if all we have available is a whiteboard and a marker. I also present UX-themed workshops – such as Prototyping for Product Managers – and conference talks, including UI Patterns: A Practical Toolkit.

Interaction Design

I incorporate the full UX spectrum into my work: user research, personas, scenarios, information architecture, and more. The results can be anything from whiteboard sketches and workflow storyboards to UI wireframes or code prototypes – whatever communicates the idea effectively at the lowest fidelity, so that I can iterate quickly.

Visual Design

On a day-to-day basis, interaction design is the core of my work, but it’s the tiny details of visual design that often sell the product in the end. I’m more than happy to get into the nuances of color, typography and white space to produce a stunning interface.

Front-End Development

I like to build the things I design. My specialty is HTML/CSS architecture – how markup & style should be structured to maximize maintainability, using Sass or Less and approaches like SMACSS. I’m no JavaScript pro, but I use jQuery for prototyping interactions, and I’m familiar with NodeGrunt, and KnockoutJS.

Pattern Library Development

When creating an interaction design system, good documentation is key to ensuring that the system will thrive. I build UI pattern libraries for many clients, borrowing from tools like Bootstrap’s docsPatternry, and Pattern Lab. They range from a single-page layered PSD, to full front-end code.

Creative Direction

I have experience managing other designers, setting a team’s direction, and supporting the team in achieving a great outcome. Review, critique and collaboration are foundational to how I work.